Standard - 1 Conference Ticket, No Accommodation: £125
Great if you want to make your own accommodation arrangements
Standard - 1 Conference Ticket, Single Room: £250
Great if you want a room for yourself
Standard - 1 Conference Ticket, Double Room: £300
Great if you want to bring a spouse or partner
Standard - 2 Conference Tickets, Double Room: £350
Great for a couple who both want to attend the conference

Whisky Web II is a residential conference, and ticket prices will reflect this. When you buy your ticket, you are buying a pass to two days packed with brilliant talks given by fantastic speakers; a night's stay at the beautiful Airth Castle; transport to and from the venue; lunch and refreshments and two social evenings that you won't forget!

Our early bird tickets will go on sale this Monday, 28th January at 5pm GMT. Early bird tickets will cost as little as £175. We can't offer everybody a single room for the night, so when you buy an early bird ticket you'll need to share a twin room with another delegate, but that's all part of the conference fun; this could prove especially handy if a group of you are planning to come along from the same company! We'll be in touch with early bird ticket holders closer to the event to find out if you have a preference for your room-buddy; someone you know might be coming along too!

Airth Castle, Twin Room
Airth Castle, Twin Room
Airth Castle, Double Room
Airth Castle, Double Room

If this all sounds a little too much like camping, or if you'd simply prefer to have a room to yourself then don't worry, we'll manage the logistics and accommodate everyone to their satisfaction! There will be twin and double rooms available included in the price of a regular ticket. Regular tickets will go on sale after the early bird tickets at the price points shown below.

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